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The Touristic Enterprises Company (TEC) is a government-owned entity that is responsible for the operations, development, and management of touristic, entertainment and recreational assets and facilities.


In addition to managing and operating its properties, TEC works with governmental bodies, private sector entities, and international partners to continuously promote the tourism and entertainment industries in Kuwait.


The ‘Golden Age’ of tourism in Kuwait

Established in 1976, TEC became one of the first touristic regulatory bodies in the Arabian Gulf region, and has long played a pivotal role in the development of Kuwait’s cultural identity.

It was not by accident that TEC’s foundation coincided with the dawn of one of the most dynamic and prosperous periods in Kuwait’s history. In the early 1970s, the country was experiencing an unprecedented economic boom, driven by the success of its fledgling oil industry. With its newfound status as a regional economic powerhouse, Kuwait saw the need to invest in its leisure tourism sector, and it was TEC that was tasked with driving the growth and development of this sector.

Over the past four decades, TEC has been a key player in developing the tourism and entertainment industries in Kuwait. To most in the country, and even the region, the Company has long stood as a symbol of Kuwait’s Golden Age, and has actively shaped the cultural experiences of more than three generations of Kuwait’s population.