Who is the Touristic Enterprises Company (TEC)?

TEC is the chief authority responsible for the regulation, development, and promotion of the tourism, entertainment and recreation sectors in Kuwait.


When was TEC established? 

TEC was established in 1976 as one of the first touristic regulatory bodies in the GCC region and has long played a pivotal role in the development of Kuwait’s cultural identity.


Where is TEC’s head office located?

TEC’s head office is located on Jahra Road, opposite Kuwait Sporting Club, Shuwaikh.





What facilities and services are offered by TEC?

TEC oversees a vast portfolio of projects and facilities, encompassing recreational parks, leisure clubs, maritime facilities, as well as one of Kuwait’s biggest landmarks, the Kuwait Towers. The Company also owns and manages the majority of the nation’s public sea front properties.


Why is Entertainment City closed and when will it reopen?

Entertainment City was closed in early 2016 in an effort to provide the Kuwaiti public with the best entertainment services, in accordance with the highest international safety and quality standards. Currently, TEC is working with leading global consultants to turn Entertainment City into a premier amusement park; designed in accordance with the highest international standards and able to compete with the region’s best attractions.


When is the best time to visit each facility? 

Each TEC facility has its own specific timings. You can refer to the facilities section on our website for more details

For more information about any other specific activities, please contact the TEC call center at 1 806 806.


How do I find out about activities offered by each facility? 

TEC strives to create social programs and activities for visitors of all interests and all ages. Accordingly, a weekly schedule of upcoming special events and activities is posted on the Company’s social media accounts @tecq8.

You can also call us for more information at 1 806 806.


Are there female-only timings at TEC facilities?

Some TEC facilities offer female-only dedicated timings. For information about each specific facility, please contact the TEC hotline at 1 806 806.


Is barbecuing permitted at TEC facilities?

Yes, Green Island, Messilah Beach and Oqailah Beach feature a designated barbecuing area with all necessary equipment for visitors to enjoy.

For the safety of all, TEC urges visitors to be cautious when barbecuing and keep a safe distance from other people, children, and trees.


Are there designated parking spaces for people with disabilities at TEC facilities? 

Yes, all TEC facilities provide parking spaces for people with disabilities.





Can tickets be booked online?

Yes: Guests and visitors can easily book their tickets online via our online booking system on our website.

For more information or if you’re experiencing any problems, please contact the TEC call center at 1 806 806 or send us an e-mail at


What is TEC’s refund and/or cancellation policy?

You can cancel your purchased tickets, but cancellation / refund policies vary according to the different rules applicable to each ticket type. You can find out which rules apply to your ticket by contacting us at 1 806 806.


Why is TEC increasing its prices?

The recent increase in prices comes as a result of TEC’s ongoing efforts to enhance and upgrade the services on offer to the public across all of its facilities. If you have any further inquiries, please contact us at 1 806 806.


Does TEC provide special prices or group discounts?

Yes, TEC does provide special group rates. Discounts vary depending on a number of factors, such as group size, duration of visit, special activities and more. To learn more about TEC’s group discounts, please contact us at 1 806 806.





What are TEC’s health and safety measures?

TEC is committed to abiding by all the safety and security standards mandated by the laws of the State of Kuwait and international best practice. The Company also works with the relevant local bodies to ensure that it is upholding all necessary safety procedures at our facilities – including working with the Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (KFSD), Ministry of Information (MOI), the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Kuwait Municipality, to ensure we adhere to all the safety regulations. TEC staff is also fully equipped and qualified to deal with any emergency that may arise





What are TEC’s future projects?

TEC is collaborating with a number of world-renowned consultants, and has already put in place expansive strategic plans to completely rejuvenate the tourism and entertainment sectors in Kuwait.

In addition to restoring, renovating and upgrading current facilities, TEC’s development plans feature a number of ambitious mega projects designed as per the highest international standards, taking place over the next few years.





How can I get in touch with TEC?

You can reach TEC via the Company hotline 1 806 806, or via its social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter @tecq8 or email us at