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Ras Al-Ard Sea Club 

Located in Salmiya, Ras Al-Ard Sea Club is one of the longest-standing recreational and sporting facilities in Kuwait.

In addition to its scenic view along the coastline, the Club offers guests a number of facilities and activities, including:

  • Swimming pools: Two large swimming pools suitable for swimmers of all ages, in addition to a special diving pool. All pools feature around-the-clock supervision by certified trainers and lifeguards.
  • Beach activities: A sandy beach for guests to sunbathe, swim, or enjoy their choice of beach sports.
  • Sporting activities: A football field and a running track, as well as basketball, volleyball, and tennis courts.
  • Other facilities: A specious multipurpose theatre that can host a variety of events and activities, a traning center offering karate and swimming lessons, as well as a garden play area suitable for a perfect weekend family outing.



Guests can also enjoy a causal, leisurely meal at one of the several cafés and restaurants available at the Club.

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For more information:

Kindly contact us at 25719086 or the TEC Service Center at 1806806.