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The Yacht Club

The Yacht Club, located on the Arabian Gulf Road next to Al-Shaab Sea Club, is one of the leading yacht and boat anchorage facilities across the region.

The Club offers a number of services for yachting enthusiasts, including:

  • Anchorage facilities: A spacious anchorage site with a capacity of 343 boats of various sizes.
  • Emergency boat mooring service
  • Maintenance facilities: An on-site workshop providing specialized repair and maintenance services for boats, offered to members only by certified service providers. The Club can also provide boat insurance services for boat owners.
  • Other facilities include: A fueling station, a marine survey center, a Diwaniya, and a multipurpose hall that can host a variety of events and exhibitions.



Throughout the year, the Yacht Club hosts a series of boating shows and maritime exhibitions, in addition to organizing a number of speed boat competitions. The Club also offers recreational boating trips, available to both members and visitors.


8 am to 10 pm


For more information:

Kindly contact us at 25651979 or the TEC Service Center at 1806806.