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Messilah Beach
3D Render
Project implementation period : 600 Days
Completion date : 3rd Quarter of 2023

The project aims to develop Messilah Beach into an integrated and contemporary facility covering an area of 70,000 square meters, containing recreational and sports activities to meet the needs of visitors of all age groups throughout the year. As a center of attraction for families, the development of the project includes the provision of water games for all ages, in addition to swimming pools, sports and marine games, restaurants, cafes, shops and much more.

Project sections
  1. Visitors building and administration office building
  2. Service buildings
  3. Multipurpose hall
  4. Restaurants and cafes
  5. Switch room buildings
  6. Water Games
  7. Unit/Suite for daily rental
  8. Car entry area
  9. Service buildings
  10. Swimming pools
  11. Shops
  12. Car exit area
  13. Fountain
  14. Outdoor theater area
  15. Green areas
  16. Sports equipment area
  17. Adventure game
  18. Parking
  19. Sports fields